3 insights when analyzing Queen Anne’s future growth

Article co-written by CityBldr and Ewing & Clark

This blog series is in response to customer feedback following our “Top 10 Seattle Neighborhoods Set for Growth” piece that appeared on King5 evening news. We will break down some key development results in each of these neighborhoods giving you more insight into what is happening in each location.

Known for its more affluent residents and ambiance that’s like a small town retreat in the middle of a bustling city, Queen Anne is one-of-a-kind. The neighborhood got its name from the architectural style of many of the earliest homes on the hill, although most of the area’s homes today are more Craftsman-style. Stunning views of downtown Seattle, Elliott Bay and other neighborhoods can be seen from Queen Anne’s many parks. Most notably, it’s Kerry Park, the stop along Highland Drive that boasts the iconic view of the Space Needle with the downtown skyline and Mount Rainier in the background. Queen Anne attracts a lot of families, although there’s a stream of young and single students from Seattle Pacific University, which is nestled along Nickerson Street at the neighborhood’s northwest point. The neighborhood has dozens of notable restaurants in addition to diner-style spots, and boasts some pretty good boutique shopping along the main street, and Queen Anne Avenue North, which is the central hub of the area.

3 Fast Facts about Queen Anne’s development

1.  Over 850 properties are profitable redevelopment opportunities

These properties have been identified by our team as having high development scores and therefore are likely to be actively pursued over the coming years.

2.  Queen Anne Ave N is the street with the most potential in Queen Anne:

CityBldr has identified that this street has the most undiscovered development potential. Property owners could sell for a combined $40M more than the market suggests.  Tweet this

Queen Anne Ave N was closely followed behind by 5th Ave N and 15th Ave W.

3.  Several driving forces are causing Queen Anne’s significant development including its proximity to employment centers and facilities.

  • Queen Anne properties can often have challenging topography to build on, however, these slopes usually allow developments to have views of key regional features such as the Space Needle, Puget Sound, the Olympics & Cascade mountain ranges, Lake Union and the downtown Seattle skyline.
  • Very close proximity to the fastest growing employment districts in Seattle (Belltown, Capitol Hill and South Lake Union).
  • Queen Anne has very strong public transport connections running through the neighborhood including Rapid Ride / Metro Bus. These bus routes provide good connections to downtown Seattle and Seattle making connections to neighborhoods such as Magnolia, Ballard, CBD, South Lake Union and Capitol Hill. The neighborhood also has dedicated bicycle lanes to support commuters on several streets including Queen Anne Ave N, 1st Ave N, Roy St and Taylor Ave N.
  • The neighborhood has a thriving retail environment activated by wide pathways on several dominant mixed-use thoroughfares.
  • Lower Queen Anne residents enjoy close proximity to the Seattle Center which contains the Key Arena, the Monorail which connects to Westlake in downtown Seattle, the EMP, the Chihuly Garden and Glass, Pacific Northwest Ballet, McCaw Hall, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Seattle Children’s Museum, Pacific Science Center, KEXP, SIFF, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Queen Anne also has over 20 parks for residents to enjoy including Kinnear Park, Marshall Park and West Queen Anne playfield.
  • The neighborhood has a diverse stock of buildings, ranging from pre-war masonry apartment buildings and pre-cast office buildings to commercial shopping centers and contemporary multi family buildings. Aside from the rich diversity of the existing neighborhood fabric Queen Anne supports many different residential, multifamily, mixed-use and commercial zoned areas that are highly sought after by local and regional developers/investors.

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Recent examples of Queen Anne’s ever changing presence.

Some of Queen Anne’s newest businesses

Some of Queen Anne’s newest buildings

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