3 interesting facts about Ballard’s future growth

Article co-written by CityBldr and Ewing & Clark

This blog series is in response to customer feedback following our “Top 10 Seattle Neighborhoods Set for Growth” piece that appeared on King5 evening news. We will break down some key development results in each of these neighborhoods giving you more insight into what is happening in each location.

Historically, Ballard was an industrial neighborhood for fishing, shipping and manufacturing shingles. The area drew many people from Scandinavian countries, creating a rich culture that is celebrated to this day, from the Nordic Heritage Museum to periodic events and festivals. Ballard has also become a go-to neighborhood for foodies. Dozens of Seattle’s best restaurants are located in Ballard, with many of them scattered up and down Ballard Avenue NW, the historic Landmark District. The annual Ballard SeafoodFest is held every summer on the weekend following the 4th of July, and Ballard’s Farmers Market is one of only a handful that operate year-round. The neighborhood is also home to the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, which transport commercial and recreational vessels between the Puget Sound and Lake Union and support the migration of salmon by way of a fish ladder.

3 Fast Facts about Ballard’s development

1.  Over 1850 properties are profitable redevelopment opportunities

These properties have been identified by our team as having high development scores and therefore are likely to be actively pursued over the coming years.

2.  15th Ave NW is the street with the most potential in Ballard:

CityBldr has identified that this street has the most undiscovered development potential. Homeowners could sell for $70M more than the market suggests.  Tweet this

15th Ave NW was closely followed behind by NW Market Street and Seaview Ave NW.

3.  Several driving forces are causing Ballard to become a high potential development area including infrastructure investments and upzoning.

  • Increasing number of townhouse and multifamily structures are encouraging residents to consider selling their homes to developers.
  • Seattle’s frequent transit corridor runs through Ballard connecting it with major employment centers.
  • Developments in Ballard have the potential to capture great views of Puget Sound and The Olympic mountains.
  • Residents are looking for alternatives to living in downtown high rises, therefore, increasing the demand in certain neighborhoods that are less dense while having great character. Ballard has a great blend of historic fabric and new modern mixed use buildings which make the neighborhood active and vibrant.
  • Increased development of office space in locations like Belltown and South Lake Union is driving demand for residential supply north of the city.

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Recent examples of Ballard’s ever changing presence.

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