3 Interesting Facts When Deconstructing Belltown’s Impressive Growth

Article co-written by CityBldr and Ewing & Clark

This blog series is in response to customer feedback following our “Top 10 Seattle Neighborhoods Set for Growth” piece that appeared on King5 evening news. We will break down some key development results in each of these neighborhoods giving you more insight into what is happening in each location.

Belltown is a neighborhood that has gone through considerable change and serves as a link between key Seattle communities. It is currently one of the top three most densely populated neighborhoods of Seattle, and has recently been described by Seattle Times as “the bar-hopping neighborhood to watch in 2017.” The area used to house “Film Row” in the early 1900s and a thriving artist community in the 1980s/1990s. This is reflected in some of the neighborhood’s architecture. Development has supported newer residential and commercial buildings coming into Belltown, this allowed for the movement of new families and business to the area. Belltown is still going to undergo more change! Scroll down to find some more of the latest.

3 Fast Facts about Belltown’s development

1.  Over 225 properties are profitable redevelopment opportunities

These properties have been identified by our team as having high development scores and therefore are likely to be actively pursued over the coming years.

2.  5th Avenue is the street with the most potential in Belltown:

CityBldr has identified that this street has the most undiscovered development potential. Homeowners could sell for $30M more than the market suggests.  Tweet this

5th Avenue was closely followed behind by Stewart Street and 7th Avenue.

3.  Several driving forces are causing Belltown to become a high potential development area including infrastructure investments and upzoning.

  • Recent upzoning now allows Downtown buildings to add an additional level of height.
  • Infrastructure projects are happening nearby, including changes to Alaskan Way and associated projects (including Bell Street Park extension and the Battery Street Portal Site)
  • The proposed Washington State Convention Center expansion has triggered the development of supporting activities.

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Recent examples of Belltown’s ever changing presence.

Some of Belltown’s newest food / drink experiences

Some of Belltown’s newest buildings

Some notable projects under construction

Photos from around Belltown

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